L4, stomach, anatomy

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 1.Regarding, the cardiac end of stomach , one statement is wrong
a- It lies at the lebel of 11th thoracic vertebra .
 b- It is surrounded by cardiac sphincter 
c- It is the most fixed part of the stomach 
d- It is covered by the left lobe of the liver .
 e- It lies in front of the left crus of the diaphragm 

2. Regarding the pyloric end of the stornach , one statement is wrong:
 a. It lies on the transpyloric plane 1/2 Inch to the left of median plane . 
b. It is separated from the neck of pancreas by the lesser sac .
 C- It gives attachment to the lesser and greater omenta . 
d- It is covered by the quadrate lobe of the liver . 
e- It is supplied by right gastric and gastro-epiplolc arteries .
3-The followings are the structures of stomach bed except : 
a. Transverse colon and its mesocolon 
b.Ant surface of body of pancreas
b- Left kidney and left suprarenal gland . 
d- Spleen and splenic artery . 
e- Abdominal aorta and left crus of diaphragm .
4-The following structures are found within the lesser omentum except
a-Hepatic artery
b--Hepatic vein
c- Hepatic plexus
d- Portal vein
 e- Common bile duct 

5-Concerning the lesser omentum one statement is correct :
a-Lies between the stomach and anterior abdominal wall
b-It contains the hepatic vein c- It forms the posterior wall of lesser sac 
c-It separates the tuber omental of liver from tuber omental of pancreas 
d-It extends into the fissure for ligamentum 

6- Concerning the tomach , one, statement Is wrong
a-All itl arteries are derived from the coeliac trunk 
b-Ill Its veins drain Into the portal vein
c- its angular Incisura Is a notch on its lesser curvature 
d- its gastrosplinc ligament contains the short gastric vessels
e- -Its gastrophrenic ligament contains inferior phrenlc vessels
7-Concerning the stomach ,one statement Is correct
a-Is separated from the liver by the lesser sac
b-Has a small bare area near the pylorus 
c-It lies infront the left lobe of the liver
d-It lies between the greater and lesser sacs 
e-It lies behind the spleen
8-The following structures form the stomach bed except: 
a-Splenic artery 
c-Transverse mesocolon       
 d- Upper part of the front of right kidney 
e-Anterior surface of body of pancreas 

9-The greater omentum is attached to :
a-Kidney and stomach 
b-Stomach and jejunum 
c -Jejunum and transverse colon 
d-Stomach and transverse colon
e-Liver and transverse colon 

10-The bare area of the stomach lies : 
  a-Behind the pyloric end
   b- At the angular notch
  c- Behind the fundus
d-Behind the cardiac end 
e-At the cardiac notch

 11-The gastrosplcnic ligament contains the following
a-Left gastroepiploic vessels 
 b- Short gastric vessels 
c-Tail of pancreas
d-Autonomic nerves
 e- Lymphatics 

12-Which part of the stomach is fixed :
a-Cardiac end 
b- Fundus 
d-Pyloric antrum 
e- Pyloric end 

13-Which of the following arteries supplying the stomach is larger 
a-Left gastric artery 
b-Right gastric artery  
c-Left gastroepiploic artery
d-Right gastroepiploic artery
 e- Short gastric arteries

14-The hepatic border of lesser omentum is attached to
a--Margins of porta hepatis
b-Fissure for ligamentum teres
c-Fissure for ligamentum venosum 
d- a + b 
e-a + c 

15-The gastric border of lesser omentum is attached to : 
a-Lesser curvature of the stomach 
b- inch of duodenum 
c- part of the duodenum 
d- a + b 
e- All of the above