L5, time management, community

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 1-Obstacles to Effective Time Management is
a- Unclear objectives.
b- Disorganization
c- Inability to say “no”
d- All of the above

2-Steps to Managing Your Time are... except
 a- Set smart goals.
 b- Set reasonable expectations (and remember that no one’s perfect).
 c- Prioritize your tasks.
 d- taking too much

3- Make a Schedule  
a- Block all class and lab times.
b- Look at the syllabus for the class schedule. Note the weight of the activities.
c- Highlight all exams and project due dates.
d- All of the above

Answer these following question with  true or false

1- Time management is nothing but common sense.  
2- time management Helps achieve balance in life.  
3- Make your goals smart. Don’t be vague.
4- specific is Concrete criteria for gauging progress.
5- Realistic & Relevant: Personalization of your goal.
6- Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you go
7- planning may seem hard at first, but the  more you do it


1- d
2- d
3- d

True and false
1- false
2- true
3- true
4- false
5- true 
6- true
7- true