L5, 6, Water soluble vitamins 1, Biochemistry

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1.Vitamins are........ Compounds.

A. Organic

B. Non Organic

2.All Vitamins are not synthesized in our body except.....

A. Vitamin B1

B. Vitamin C

C. Vitamin A

D. Vitamin B3

3. One of the following vitamins can be synthesized in our body

A. Vitamin K

B. Nicotinc acid

C. Vitamin C

D. Vitamin E

4.Which one of the following vitamins is fat soluble vitamin

A. Vitamin B1

B. Vitamin B3

C. Riboflavin

D. Vitamin E

5.Which one of the following vitamins is water soluble vitamin... 


B.Vitamin A

C.Vitamin K

D. Vitamin D

6.Water soluble vitamins are...

A. need ptn in blood Carrier

B. Stored in liver

C. manifestated rapidly

D. not execretd in Urine

7.What's a vitamar 

8.Vitamin C has all of the following characters except

A. L-ascorbic acid

B. Similar to L-glucose

C. Heat stable

D. has Strong Oxidizing Power

E. C&D

9.All Vitamins are not synthesized in our body except.... 

A. Riboflavin

B. Nicotinc acid

C. Vitamin c

D. Vitamin A

10.7 α-hydroxlase needed in the synthesis of...

A. Bile acid

B. Steroids

C. Collagen

D. Serotonin

11.Vitamin C is important in which of the following process

A. Hemopoiesis

B. Fibroblasts formation

C. Immunity

D. Osteoblast formation

E. all of the above

12.Which one of the following vitamins can reduce Cataract

A. Vitamin E

B. Vitamin B

C. Vitamin K

D. Vitamin C

13.Which of the following vitamins is antioxidant

A. Vitamin E

B. Riboflavin

C. Thiamine

D. L-ascorbic acid

14. All are Water soluble vitamin except.....

A. D. Ascorbic acid

B. L. Ascorbic acid

C. Thiamine

D. Riboflavin

15.Deficiency in which vitamin..... may lead to Scurvy

A. Vitamin C

B. Vitamin B1

C. Vitamin B2

D. Vitamin B3

16.Scurvy can be manifeasted by

A. Anemia

B.Bone fracture

C.Spongy swollen gum

D. Echymosis

E. all of the above

17.Scurvy can be manifeasted by...

A. Echymosis

B. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome

C. Occular disterbance

D. Dementia

18.petechiae is manifeasted in which disease....

A.Dry BeriBeri

B. Wet BeriBeri

C. Pellagra

D. Scurvy

19.All vitamins are heat stable except

A. Vitamin B6

B. Thiamine

C. Vitamin B1

D. b&c

20.All vitamins are Destroyed by light except

A. Nicotinc acid

B. Vitamin B2

C. Vitamin B1

D. Vitamin K

21.Most of vitamin B Complex react as......

22.To activate Thiamine ., it needs What……..

23.Vitamin B 3 has a good role in

A. HMP shunt

B. Transamination

C. Formation in alpha keto acids

D. a&c

24 .Vitamin B 3(thiamine) has a Transketolase reaction in

A. HMP shunt

B. Minor pathway

C. Major pathway

D. a & b

25.Deficiency in Vitamin.... may lead to BeriBeri

A. B1

B. B2

C. B3

D. B5

26.BeriBeri Can be manifeasted by

A. Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrom

B. petechiae

C. Echymosis

D. Hartnup disease

27.BeriBeri means.....

28. Dry BeriBeri can be manifeasted by


2.affect nervous system


4.Non of the above

29.Wet BeriBeri affect

A. Heart( cardiovascular )

B. nervous system

C. Stomach

D. Liver

30.FMN dependant enzyme is

A. D-amini acid reductase

B. L-amini acid reductase

C. D-amini acid Oxidase

D. L-amini acid Oxidase

31.Deficiency in vitamin B2 may lead to


B. Stomatitis

C. Polyneuroopathy

D. Dermatitis

E. All of the above.

32.Nictinic acid is a derivative of...... Ring

A. Pyrimidine

B. Pyridine

C. Purine

33. ........ act as Coenzyme 1



C. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate

34.Tryptophan is the a.a of

A. Nicotinic acid

B. Vitamin B 3

C. all of the above.

35.Nicotinc acid has all of the following characters except

A. execreted in Urine

B. Heat stable

C. destroyed by light

D. doesn’t need carrier in blood

36.Pellagra is due to deficiency in vitamin

A. B3

B. Nicotinc acid

C. B2


37.deficiency in vitamin C cause ……………..

38.deficiency in vitamin B1 cause ………………

39.deficiency in vitamin B2 cause……………………….

40.deficiency in vitamin B3 cause ……………….

41. Pellagra can be caused by

A. Spongy swollen gum

B. Anemia

C. Hartnup disease

D. Werincke-Korsakoff syndrome

42.Pellagra may be caused due to

A. Spongy swollen gum

B. Anemia

C. Carcinoid syndrome

D. Werincke-Korsakoff syndrome


1. A

2. D

3. A

4. D

5. A

6. C

7. It is a vitamin which presents in more than one chemical formula

8. E

9. B

10. A

11. E

12. D

13. D

14. A

15. A

16. E

17. A

18. D

19. D

20. A

21. Coenzyme

22. Phosphate from ATP 

23. D

24. D

25. C

26. A

27. Weakness

28. B

29. A

30. D

31. E

32. B

33. A

34. C

35. C

36. D

37. scurvy

38. BeriBeri

39. occular disterbance, Stomatitis, GLOSSITS, Polyneuropathy

40. Pellagra

41. C

42. C