L1,2,3 Eyelid disorders , Ophthalmology

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1-. Levator disinsertion with frontalis sling is the surgical treatment in:

a) Simple congenital ptosis

b) Marcus gun syndrome

c) Blepharophimosis syndrome

d) Aponeurotic ptosis.

e) Ptosis due to myasthenia gravis.

2- Patient with MRD1=0, levator function= 4mm, the surgical treatment is:

a) Fasanella servant operation.

b) Frontalis sling.

c) Levator resection.

d) Webster operation.

e) No need for surgical intervention.

3-. The most dangerous complication of ptosis surgery is:

a) Hematoma

b) Lid notching

c) Under correction.

d) Exposure keratitis.

elloose stitch.

4-More than 4 lashes rubbing against the cornea and conjunctiva with a normally directed

posterior lid margins called

a) Entropion.

b) Telecanthus.

c) Madarosis.

d) Rubbing lashes.

e) Trichiasis

5. Chalazion is a chronic inflammatory granuloma of:

a) Meibomian glands.

b) Krause glands.

c) Moll's gland.

d) Lacrimal gland. e) Wolfing's gland.

6. Superior tarsal muscle (Muller's muscle) is supplied by the:

a) Third cranial nerve.

b) Abducent nerve.

c) Sympathetic nerve fibers

d) Parasympathetic nerve fibers.

e) Seventh cranial nerve

7. The anterior most structure in the eyelid margin is the:

a) Mucocutaneous junction.

b) Grey line.

c) Conjunctiva

d) Meibomian gland orifices

e) Lash line.

8. Which of the following statements is true regarding chalazion?

a) Usually arise from the caruncle.

b) Management include incision made vertically through the conjunctival side.

c) It has tendency for malignant transformation if left untreated. d) it presents as a nodule in the intramarginal strip.

e) It can lead to mechanical entropion.

18. A 25-year-old female patient complaining with painful localized swelling in the left lower

9-A 25-year-old female patient complaining with painful localized swelling in the left lower evelid. On examination it was yellowish, red, tender and related to lash. The most probable diagnosis is:

a) Hordeolum externum.

b) Hordeolum internum

c) Chalazion

d) Ulcerative blepharitis.

e) Atopic dermatitis,

 10- Overriding of preseptal on pretarsal parts of orbicularis leading to:

a) Senile entropion.

b) Senile Ectropion.

c) Mechanical ptosis.

d) Trichiasis.

e) Mechanical entropion

 11-Wedge resection is surgical treatment for: 

        a) Cicatricial lower lid entropion.

b) Cicatricial upper lid entropion.

c) Spastic lower lid entropion.

d) Spastic upper lid entropion.

e) Lower lid retraction.