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1- The average weight gain in the first 6 months is …

a) 3 kg

b) 4 kg

c) 4.5 kg

d) 6 kg

2- During 1st 3 months of life, Head circumference grows by …

a) 0.25 cm / month

b) 0.5 cm / month 

c) 1 cm/ month

d) 2 cm / month 

3- The first permanent tooth erupt is ..

a) 1st molar 

b) 1st premolar 

c) 1st incisor 

d) 2nd premolar 

4- Which of the following is the language dev at 24 months?

a) say 10 words.

b) make sentences of 2-3 words.

c) make sentence of 4-5 words.

d) appropriate use of pronouns.

5- All of the following are true about permanent teeth except ..

a) the number of milk teeth is 20.

b) the number of permanent teeth is 28.

c) teething does not cause diarrhea or fever.

6- The infant laugh at age of…

a) 1 month

b) 2 months

c) 4 months

d) 9 months

7- Normal skull cicumferance at birth is .. 

a) 30 cm 

b) 35 cm 

c) 40 cm 

d) 43 cm

8- Which Is true regarding 6-month-old child?

a) sitting with support. 

b) sitting alone.

c) head up in prone position.

9- Which is true regarding 1- year- old child?

a- say da , ma.

b- wave bye bye.

c- dry by day.

d- crawling .

10- Normal weight at birth .. 

a) 2kg

b) 3kg

c) 4kg 

d) 5kg 


1- b

2- d

3- a

4- b

5- b


7- b

8- b

9- b

10 -b