L2, Laxatives and treatment of diarrhea, Pharmacology

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1) Bulk forming Purgatives:

A) Synthetic disaccharides formed of fructose

B) Fluid preparation administrated per rectum

C) Increase the bulk of intestinal contents leading to stretch of wall of GIT leading to stimulation of peristalsis

D) Drugs that decrease peristalsis

 (2)………….Is not used in patient with defect in renal function:

A) Na salts

B) Mg salts

C) All of the above

D) None of the above

(3) The followings are causes of diarrhea except:

A) Infections

B) Inflammations

C) Bile salts absorption

D) Carcinoid tumor

Answers of MCQ

(1) C

(2) B

(3) C

True or False

(4) Castor oil causes Abortion in pregnancy ( )

(5) It is important to prevent straining in patients

with hernia ( )

(6) Anticholinergic drugs as mebeverine ( )

Answers of true or false

(4) T

(5) T