L2, pancreas ,anatomy

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1.Concerning the dudenum , one statement is wrong

A- It completely fixed to the posterior abdominal wall 

B-it lies opposite the upper 3 lumbar vertebrae

C-It is about 10 inches

D-Its suspensory ligament is attached to the right crus of diaphragm

E- It ends one inch to the left of median plane opposite 2' lumbar vertebra 

2-The 1st part of the duodenum

A-Has a blood supply derived from the coeliac trunk

B-The common bile duct passes behind it 

C-The gastroduodenal artery crosses infront of it 

D It is covered by quadrate lobe of the liver

E- It crosses the body of 1' lumbar vertebra 

3-Concerning the 1" part of the duodenum one statement is wrong: 

a-Has lesser omentum attached to it 

b-Takes it arterial supply from the coeliac trunk

c- Forms lower boundary of epiploic foramen 

d- The gastroduodenal vein passes behind it e- Its 1st inch is completely 

4-Concaming the 2nd  part of the duodenum one statement is wrong  

 A -has opening of accessory pancreatic duct proximal to main pancreatic duct

B-It is anterior to the right renal vessels 

C-it is lateral to the right colic flexure 

D-it is lateral to upper 3 lumbar vertebrae 

E-it is crossed by transverse colon 

5-The 3rd Part of dudenum crosses in front of all the following except 


B-inferior vena cave

C-inferior mesentsric artery

D- root of mesentry

6-Which of the following structures crossed infront of the 3rd Part of the
duodenum : 

a. Aorta 

b. Inferior yena cava 
c. inferior mesenteric artery 
d. Right psoas muscle
e. Root of mesentery 

7- Concerning the 4th part of duodenum one statement is wrong :

A-It is crossed by transverse colon 

B-It rs crossed by root of mesentery 

C-Left ureter descends behind it 

D-Uncinate process lies medial to it

8-The duodenum is supplied by the following arteries except : 

A-Left gastric artery 

B -Right gastric artery 

C-Supradoudenal artery

D-Supertur pancreaticoduodenal artery

E-inferior pancreaticiduodenal artery