L2,Gall bladder and pancreas, Histology

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1-The pancreatic islets of Langerhans are:
A. Present mainly in the tail of the pancreas.
B. Present mainly in the body of
C.Surrounded by a very thick C.T. capsule.
D. Demonstrated by silver stains. Many types of cells that include M (micofold) cells.

2-Pancreas is a mixed gland. It has an endocrine and an exocrine function following is correct for pancreatic acini?
A  . The cells forming the acini are cuboidal cells with clear cell bound
b  . cells forming the acini contain microvilli at their basal surfaces.
C. Cell has an acidophilic apical cytoplasm and basophilic basal cytoplasm.
D.cell has a basophilic apical cytoplasm and acidophilic basal cytoplasm.
E. as a rounded nucleus and usually near the apex of the cell.

3- Which of the following statements concerning the gallbladder is true?
A. Microvilli are frequent at the basal surface of its lining cell
 B. It is lined by a simple columnar epithelium.
 C. It communicates with the hepatic duct through the common bile duct.
D. It has no muscle cells in the walls. 
E. It has submucosal lymphoid follicles.

4- Gallbladder is a hollow pear-shaped organ attached to the lower surface of the li store 30-50 mL of bile. It communicates with the hepatic duct through the:
 A. Cystic duct.
B. Bile ducts.
C. Bile ductules.
D. Preductules.

5- Pancreatic intercalary ducts are telescoped in the pancreatic acini forming the cu cells. They are lined with
: A. Simple squamous epithelium.
B. Simple cubical epithelium.
C. Simple colum
D. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium.
E. Stratified columnar epithelium.

6- Islets of Langerhans appear as pale-stained areas scarcitu NS WIL VINIO. Acini. Which of the following is correct for alpha cells?
A. They are located at the periphery of the Islets cells.
B. They are numerous small
C. They are small rounded cells (about 2%).
D. They secrete insulin horm 
E. They secret somatostatin.


1- A
2- c
3- b
4- A 
5- B
6- A