L4, pharmacokinetics (excretion), pharmacology

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 1-The Main site for drug excretion is......

A) Liver

 B) kidney

 C) Alimentary tract

b) Milk

2- the drug should undergo glomerular Filtration.

 A) unbound

 B) high molecular weight


 D) All of above

 E) A and c

 3- Which of the following drugs can be excreted by active tubular Secretion?

 A) penicillin

 B) Ranitidine


 D) general anaesthetics

E) A and B

4- which of the following is secreted by salivary gland?

A) iodides

B) morphine


D) Aspirin

5. Red sweat is caused by...........

A) propranolol

 B) ranitidine


 D) Rifampicin

 6- All the following can be excreted through lungs except.......

A) alcohol

B) Purgatives as Senna

 C) general anaesthetics

 D) all above

 7- Breast Feeding woman should not take All of the following drugs except......

A) Bromocriptine

 B) Corticosteroids



8-..........Is the volume of Plasma Cleared From the drug in unit time.

 A) Steady State Concentration

 B) Drug Clearance

C)plasma half-life of drugs

D)loading dose

 9-hepatic drug clearance depends on ........

 A) Plasma Protein binding of drug

 B) hepatic blood flow

c) activity of hepatic microsomal enzymes

 D)All of above

 10. Plasma half-life of drug helps to determine........

 A) Dose interval.

B) Drug toxicity.

 C) Infusion rate


 E) A And c.

 11- Css is reached by first order Kinetic after..........

A) 1-2 t1/2

B) 4-5 t1/2


 D) none of above

 12- which of the following factors can affect css?

A) infusion rate

 B) time taken by the drug to reach css

c) Volume of distribution

 D)A and B

E) A and c

13-All the following are properties of first Order Kinetics except........

 A) Constant amount is eliminated per unit time

 B) t ½ of drug is constant

c) Less toxic than Zero order kinetics

 D)concentration time Curve is linear

 14-- All the following are properties of Zero order Kinetics except........

 A) elimination rate is independent of drug conc.

 B) t 1/2 of drug is constant

C) Conc-time Curve is steep

 D)More toxic

15- – The average adult dose required to produce therapeutic effect is.......

 A) loading dose

B) lethal dose

 C) therapeutic dose

 D)maintenance dose.

 16-........Is the dose of drug that brings its Plasma Concentration to therapeutic level.

A) maintenance dose

 B) loading dose

c) Maximal tolerance dose

 D)therapeutic dose

 17 – Maintenance dose can be calculated by.......

 A) vd× css

B) LD 50 / ED50

c) Clearance x Css

 D)Clearance /css

 18-- median effective dose of a drug in 50%of animals is......

 A) LD 50.

C)Loading dose

B) ED50

 D)therapeutic index

19- – which drug has a narrow therapeutic index?

 A) digoxin

B) warfarin.

 c) phenytoin

 D) All of above

 20......and........drugs have high tendency to be trapped in breast milk

 A-Acidic, Lipophilic

 B. Acidic, hydrophilic

 C -Basic, lipophilic

 D-Basic, hydrophilic 


1. B

2. E

3. E

4. A

5. D

6. B

7. C

8. B

9. D

10. D

11. B

12. E

13. A

14. B

15. C

16. B

17. C

18. B

19. D

20. C