L4, small & large intestine, Anatomy

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1- which part of the colon has no appendices epiploica: 

A. Cecum 

B. Ascending colon 

C. Right colic flexure

D. Transverse colon

2- where the tenia coli of large intestine converge: 

A. at the right colic flexure 

B. at the left colic flexure

C. at the tip of the appendix 

D. at the base of the appendix 

3- the tenia coli are absent in 

A. Appendix 

B. Anal canal 

C. Rectum 

D. All of the above 

4- concerning the cecum one statement is wrong :

A. Lies below the level of ileocecal junction

B. It is completely mobile 

C. Has mesentery

D. Supplied by ileocolic artery 

5- the fwolloing structures lie behind cecum except: 

A. Ilioinguinal nerve

B. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh 

C. Femoral nerve 

D. External iliac vessles 

E. Gonadal vessles 

6-The surface landmark of ileocecal valve is: 

A. Point of intersection between trans tubercular plane and medial half of inguinal ligament   

B. Point of intersection between trans tubercular plane and lateral half of inguinal ligament   

C. Point of intersection between left lateral vertical plane and trans tubercular plane 

D. Non of the above 

7- the commonest position of the appendix is 

A. Pre ileal appendix 

B. Post ileal appendix 

C. Retrocecal appendix 

D. Sub-cecal appendix 

8-Regarding  appendix one statement is correct: 

A. Opens into anteromedial aspect of cecum 

B. McBurney’s point represent its apex. 

C. Supplied by middle colic artery 

D. Has no mesentery

E. Varies in length and position 

9-Regarding the appendix one statement is wrong: 

A. Lies in retrocecal recess in 65% of people. 

B. Has a nerve supply from the 10th thoracic segment. 

C. Has double blood supply 

D. The appendicular lymph nodes drain finally into superior mesenteric lymph nodes.  

10- surgically the appendix is identified through ; 

A. Convergence of 3 tenia coli 

B. Its position In the retrocecal recess

C. In its mesentery

D. All of the above

11- all of the following parts of large intestine are fixed except : 

A. Ascending colon 

B. Rectum 

C. Anal canal 

D. Sigmoid colon 

E. Descending colon 

F. A and e 

12- which structure lies in anterior relation to cecum? 

A. Anterior abdominal wall

B. Greater omentum 

C. Coils of small intestine 

D. All of the above 

E. Non of the above. 

13- appendicitis is common because 

A. It is the narrowest part of git and liable to obstruction 

B. It has mesentery 

C. Has no lymphatic tissue 

D. All of the above 

14- the following structures  lie behind the ascending colon except:

A. Quadratus lamborum muscle 

B. Ileohpogastric nerve 

C. Ilioinguinal nerve 

D. Femoral nerve 

E. Lateral cutaneous nerve of thigh

15- ascending colon is supplied by 

A. Ileocolic artery

B. Right colic artery 

C. Middle colic artery 

D. All of the above

16-the tenia coli of ascending colon is arranged as:

A. One anterior and 2 posterior 

B. 2 posterior and one anterior the 3 is anterior 

C. It has no tenia coli

17- the transverse colon is related anteriorly to the following structures except:  

A. Right lobe of liver 

B. Neck of gall bladder 

C. Greater curvature of stomach 

D. Greater omentum 

18- the transverse colon is related posteriorly to the following except; 

A. 2nd part of duodenum 

B. Head of pancreas 

C. Left kidney 

D. Duodenojejunal flexure 

19- concerning transverse colon which is wrong: 

A. Its whole length is suspended by transverse mesocolon 

B. Its mesocolon is attached to anterior border of pancreas 

C. Supplied by branches from superior and inferior mesenteric artery 

D. Its parasympathetic nerve supply arises from vagus and pelvic splanchinic nerves. 

20- regarding tenia coli of transverse colon what is correct? 

A. It is 2 anterior and one posterior

B. It is one anterior an 2 posterior 

C. It has no tenia coli 

D. Non of the above 

21-Peyer's patches are found in the :

 a- Duodenum

 b- Jejunum 

c- Ileum 

d- Caecum 

e- Colon 

22-The arterial supply of small intestine is derived from : 

a- Caeliac trunk only 

b- Superior mesenteric artery only 

c- Inferior mesenteric artery only 

d- a + b 

e- b + c 

23- Which part of colon has no appendices epiploicae : 

a- Caecum 

b- Ascending colon 

c- Right colic flexure 

d- Transverse colon 

e- Left colic flexure 

24-Where the taenia coli of large intestine converge : 

a- At the right colic flexure 

b- At the left colic flexure 

c- At the junction of right 2/3 and left 1/3 of transverse colon 

d- At the base of appendix

 e- At the iliocaecal junction 

25-The transverse colon is related posteriorly to the following it except: 

a- 2nd  part of duodenum

 b- Head of pancreas It

c- Duodenojejunal flexure

d- Coils of small intestine

e- left kidney structures It 

26-arterial supply of the duodenum Is derived from branches of:

a-caeluac  trunk

b- sup mesntric artery

c-inf mesenteric artery



27- As regard characters of jujnum one stste is wrong

a-it is more in the umbilical region

b-its mesentry has simple arterial arcades

c-it is pale in color

d-there is windows in its mesentry

 e- it has no payers patches

28- The followings are characters of ilium except 

a-it is more in epigastric region

b-its all is thin

c-more amount of fat in its mesentry

d-its lengh mre than length of jujnum

e-it has less blood supply

29-The following structures are crossed by root of mesentry except

a-2nd part od dudnum

b- abdominal aorta

c-inf vena cava

d- right gonadal vessls

e- right uretr

 30- The root of mesentry crosses the following structures except

a-3rd pat of duodenum

b-inferior mesenteric vein

c-abdominal aorta

d- inferior vena cava 

e- right ureter