L6_ Sympathetic supply to thorax, abdomen, pelvis and limbs_Physiology

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MCQ Questions

1_ The Sympathetic innervation Of the gastrointestinal tract :
A - is tonically active
B – cause relaxation of the sphincters
C – stimulate secretion of the stomach
D – cause relaxation of the wall
2 – Greater splanchnic nerve reply on all of the following except:
A - Celiac ganglia
B – superior mesenteric ganglia
C – inferior mesenteric ganglia
D – Renal ganglia
3_Sympathetic stimulation to skeletal muscles cause:
A_ Better contraction.
B_ Delayed fatigue.
C_Rapid recovery from fatigue.
D_All of the above
4_Sympathetic nerve supply to Pelvis relay :
A_Celiac ganglia
B_Renal ganglia
C_Inferior mesentric ganglia
D_Superior mesenteric ganglia
5_ Sympathetic nerve supply……..mucos secretion in the air passages
A_ decreases
B_ increases
C_ has no effect
6_ Sympathetic nerve supply to liver leading to increase blood glucose by :
A_ Glycolysis
B_ Glycogenolysis
C_ Glycogenesis
D_ Gluconeogenesis

True or false

7_ Adrenal medulla secrets an equal amount of adrenaline and noradrenaline (…..)

8_ presacral nerve rely on superior mesenteric ganglia (….)

9_Sympathetic nerve supply to thorax origins from LHC of 4 lower thoracic segments (….)

10_Sympathetic nerve supply to skeletal muscles causes Vasodilatation(…..)

MCQ answers 

1 _ D
2_ C
3_ D
4_ C
5_ A
6_ B

True or False answers 

7_ False
8_ False
9_ True
10_ True