L9, cholinergic transmission, physiology

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1- The enzyme which use in A.CH synthesis is ...... 

1. Choline acetyl transferas. 

2. Choline acetyl dehydrogenase. 

3. Acetyl choline transferas.

2-............helps in release of A.CH. 

1. Na. 

2. K. 

3. Ca.

3-All the following are central cholinergic receptors except 


1. All autonomic ganglia. 

2. Motor end plate. 

3. Organs facing parasympathetic post ganglionic fibers.

4- Peripheral cholinergic receptors are named .....and blocked 


1. Muscarinic receptor, atropin. 

2. Muscarinic receptor, nicotine.3. Nicotinic receptors, atropin. 

5- Removal of A.CH mainly by ..... 

1. Choline esterase enzyme. 

2. Active re-up take. 

3. Diffusion. 

6- Nicotinic receptors facing..... cholinergic fibers, while 

muscarinic receptors facing...... cholinergic fibers. 

1. Central, peripheral. 

2. Peripheral, central 

3. Peripheral, peripheral. 

7- Adrenal medulla is considered as...... 

1. Sympathetic ganglia 

2. Modified parasympathetic ganglia. 

3. Modified sympathetic ganglia 

8- Curare is ..... 

1. Competitive ganglion blocker. 

2. Competitive neuromuscular blocker 

3. Depolarising neuromuscular blocker. 

9- .........has direct action on nicotinic receptors. 

1. Neostigmine. 

2. Acetylcholine.3. Pilocarpine 

10- D.F.P has indirect action on A. CH . 

1. Combine strongly and for long time. 

2. Combine temporary. 

3. Combine strongly and for short time .

11-The lung is supplied by parasympathetic nervous system. The postganglionic parasympathetic fibers innervating it 

originates from: 

a. Dorsal motor nucleus. 

b. Upper 4 thoracic and 3 cervical ganglia . 

c. Intramural ganglia. 

d. Superior salivary nucleus. 

e. Sphenopalatine ganglia

12-Norepinephrine will cause contraction of the smooth muscle in 


a. Bronchioles 

b. Pupils 

c. Intestine 

d. Arterioles

13-Extracellular fluid in adults differs from intracellular fluid in that its 

A. Volume is greater. 

B. Tonicity is lower. 

C. Anions are mainly organic. 

D. Sodium: potassium molar ratio is higher.

14-Patients who are extremely allergic to bee stings will self-administer epinephrine when stung. The activation of adrenergic betareceptors by the injected epinephrine will decrease 

a. The contraction of airway smooth muscle 

b. The strength of ventricular muscle contraction 

c. The rate of depolarization in the SA node

True or false

1-Nor-adrenaline is storted in a clear vesicles

MCQ Answers

1/ 1-Choline acetyl transferas. 

2/ 3-Ca. 

3/ 3-Organs facing parasympathetic post ganglionic fibers. 

4/ 1-Muscarinic receptor, atropin. 

5/ 1-Choline esterase enzyme. 

6/ 1-Central, peripheral. 

7/ 3-Modified sympathetic ganglia 

8/ 2-Competitive neuromuscular blocker 

9/ 2-Acetylcholine. 

10/ 1-Combine strongly and for long time. 

11/C- Intramural ganglia. 

12/D- Arterioles

13/C- Anions are mainly organic.

14/A- The contraction of airway smooth muscle

True or false Answers