Pract1, Dosage Forms of drugs, Pharmacology

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1. All of the following are from properties of decotion except:
A. Widely Used.
B. Fresh solution.
C. Boiling Plants in water
2. All of the following are from properties of elixir except
A. Hydroalcoholic
B. Contain glycerin & sorbitol
C. Salty
3. Spirit contain
A. Ammonia
B. Peppermint
C. İnvolatile Drugs
D. A&B
4. Enteric coated tablets dissolve in
A. Stomach
B. İntestine
C. A&B
D. None of the above

5. Which of the following is from semi liquid drugs
A. Hard Capsules
B. Soft capsules
C. Enteric coated capsules
6. Which of the following is inserted into vagina as a suppository
A. Bougies
B. Glycerin
C. Pessaries
D. Aminophylline

True / False 

1. Aquae is used as rose water & peppermint
A. True
2. İn fluid extract, 1ml contain activity present in 1mg of crude drug
A. True
B. False
3. Tablets may be covered with sugar or chocolate
A. True
B. False

4. A drug of sustained action is rapidly absorbed
A. True
B. False
5. Aminophylline is a systemic suppositories
A. True
B. False
6. Enemas have only a local action
A. True
B. False
7. Amyl nitrite cause skeletal muscle relaxation
A. True
B. False
8. Cosmetic creams cause warm sensation when applied on skin
A. True
B. False


1. A
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. B
6. C

1. T
2. F
3. T
4. F
5. T
6. F
7. F
8. F