L4, IBD, Acute Appendicitis, Pathology

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1- Which of the following is true about ulcerative colitis:

a- Granuloma.                     

b- Transmural disease

c- Crypt abscess.                   

d- Fistula.

2- Complication of ulcerative colitis include: 

a- Internal hge.                        

b- Malignant transformation. 

c- Toxic megacolon.                

d- All of the above.

3- Which of the following is true about acute catarrhal appendicitis:

a- Can cause perforation and peritonitis.    

b- Can cause appendicular mass formation. 

c- Can progress to acute suppurative appendicitis. 

d- Non of the above.

4- Carcinoid tumor:

a- Is malignant tumor of appendix.         

b- can cause carcinoid syndrome 

c- The usual site is the body of the appendix.

d- Non of the above.

5- Crohn's disease affect:

a- Stomach.      

b- Small intestine.          

c- Large intestine.      

d- Any part of the GIT.

6- Features of Crohn's disease include all except:

a- Skip lesions.                                   

b- Cobble stone appearance.

c- Superfacial ulcer.                          

d- Transmural inflammation. 

7- Crypt abscess is filled with:

a- Lymphocytes.                        

b- Organisms.

c- Caseous material.                 

d- Polymorphs.


8- The following is not feature of ulcerative colitis:

a- Pseudopolypi.                  

b- Ulceration.

c- Skip lesions.                     

d- Crypt abscess.

9- The following polypi can turn malignant:

a- Bilharizial polypi.                      

b- Hamartomatous polypi.

c- Juvenile polypi.                         

d- Adenomatous polypi.


10- The commonest organism that cause acute appendicitis:

a- Staph aureus.                  

b- Strept.

c- E. Coli.                               

d- All of the above.

11- The most common site of carcinoid:

a- Tip of appendix.                               

b- Body of appendix. 

c- Opening of the appendix.               

d- None of the above.

12- Pseudomyxoma peritoni can be caused by:

a- Carcinoid tumor.

b- Rupture mucocele of the appendix. 

c- Acute catarrhal inflammation of appendix.

d- None of the above.


1- C                 2- D                                  

3- C                 4- D                 

5- D                 6- C

7- D                 8- C                

9- D                 10- D               

11- A               12- B